memory isblank and the amnesiacs - happiness machine

2012; 10 tracks

here is part deux of memory is blank and the amnesiacs previous release, hollow mind in the century of self (which can be heard here, it's an album i thoroughly enjoyed and truly love).

this album is perhaps a more meditative, even macabre take on the same chaos portrayed in the first release. there aren't precise words to describe what can be heard here, although groups like cLOUDDEAD and artistic minds of those such as Stockhausen are all good places to start. memory isblank build collages of sounds that aren't really collages, but soundscapes of places you want to go and never thought you'd be free to. this album combines moods, atmospheres, clips of surreal memories and places them in various patterns, interlacing freeform thoughts and concrete ideas. throughout the duration of this album you never feel as if you are lost, seeing as there seems to always be a presence of purpose for each track, although it may sometimes be hidden beneath clouds of sonic mystery. it isn't that complex to figure out, but i wonder if the simpler an idea is that presents itself to you, the happier you will be because of it. the secret here is to not be confused but to absorb.

with that said, i find that the real question of happiness machine is: where will you end up?


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