I met someone in my theory class who has really big hands and also has memorized the openings (first 10 pages or so) of all four Rachamninoff piano concertos along with various other concertos and even a Grieg piano sonata. We went into a practice room and he actually taught me the opening chords to Rachmaninoff's Second!! My hands aren't quite big enough to reach everything (especially the F to A-flat stretch in the left hand) but still, for me to even create a fraction of the beauty contained in those monoliths of sound was one of the most powerful feelings I've ever experienced. No, I don't expect myself to ever conquer those pieces (not without an incredible amount of effort), but I love feeling like I can somehow partake in their unraveling...

Today I listened to Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures on the train, and Souvlaki and a lot a lot a lot of Polvo. Polvo is really, really good. I found out about some new things too, like Nico's Chelsea Girl, and my friend played Brahms' Intermezzo Op. 118, No. 2 in A major, Andante teneramente today for me, and it was the first time I'd ever heard it. I couldn't help myself, I cried... I'd never in my life heard something so gorgeous as that piece. It wasn't even so much how he played it (he is more interested in piano composition than piano performance), but the sheer beauty of the notes and chords and just everything inside of it. I'd include a video but... well, why not. Is it just me, or was Brahms one of the most gifted composers of heartwrenching, earthmoving music?

EDIT: on the train I met this girl I'd seen before and we started talking, and we sort of became bffs. we both like Girl's Generation (or at least we both have heard of them, which is kind of cool for this part of the world) and she said the next time we meet she'll give me the piano music for "Run Devil Run" and we'll practice it together. ummm. weird but awesome.


  1. That piece is so gorgeous. You're right about Brahms, he had some weird connection to the sublime.
    I love reading about your college experience and your new meetings with friends, sounds really great.

  2. :3 Yeah, I'm meeting so many new people. Your recent mix was amazing by the way...